Hey guys this is Seth,

Before I even start I feel as though I should explain “hotwomen” as apposed to “hot women”. It was a typo in the title that I tried to fix three times, and somehow kept messing it up. I had a friend over at the time and he suggested I just keep it that way. Then go so far as to never actually add the space between the two when writing the review. It seems silly but I figure if you can’t laugh at a mistake then you’re going to have trouble getting hotwomen.


This is my first of many reviews to come, and I chose this product to start with primarily because it is something that hit home with me. Spending much of my life being a bit “socially challenged” this is something that I wish I would have found sooner. There were tons of attractive women at my high school and quite a few foreign exchange students as well. I remember one year in particular there were two VERY hot Russian women that every guy seemed to want. I was personally to shy to even talk to them. Fortunately I did eventually find a girlfriend, and I’m very happy with her, but this is a blog about how to get hot single women. Not the taken ones. Perhaps if you keep up with my product reviews you might hear more about her later.




Please note this is only a review. If you looking for the official site click here.


The first thing I noticed when I got the book actually wasn’t the book at all; but the large amount of bonus material. Quite frankly there is more in the bonus content about how to get as many hotwomen as you want then there is in the actual book. As an example before writing this review I sent in an email to the admin and asked if I could share my personal favorite item on this page. The flowchart. I like this because I remember better when I see things, and quite frankly it find flowcharts fun to look through!


Click here for flowchart


On top of the flowchart and other bonus material I really like that there is constant communication going on between the members. If you are going through a bit of a rough patch or need some advice you just ask and you can get that advice instantly. The community is great and are always willing to help. At any given time you’ll see around 200 people online.


As for the book itself I mentioned earlier that it’s long. There are 152 pages, and in these pages it talks about:

  • How to build self confidence.
  • How to read the body language of women, and getting in their heads with it.
  • How to get women to want to sleep with you.
  • How to avoid the friend zone, and even better, how to get out of it!
  • How to build rapport and make women fall in love with you.
  • The biggest mistakes you commonly make and how to fix them.


Now I’m not going to tell you that the product is perfect. It isn’t. This only works on women that are used to being hit on. This is stuff that sets you apart from all the other guys who are trying to hit on her. The method won’t work on most hot Japanese girls for instance. They tend to be the shy types. So for that reason if you are trying for just specific girl that happens to be shy then the book might not be for you. (But everything after the building attraction parts should still apply.)


Also, if you want this to work then you have to do the same. It isn’t easy to go through and apply everything, and this doesn’t make relationships instantly drama free. If you aren’t willing to put in the work, then don’t buy it. I wouldn’t pay a dime for something that I didn’t expect to get anything from and neither should you.


As far as the price goes I will say up front that it’s more than I would pay for a book alone. But when you consider all the bonus material, the videos, the trainers and the community I would say the price is about accurate, if not it’s actually a bit lower than what I would suspect. Fortunately you get to be the judge of that as there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

As one final note I also made a video review. You’ll hear a lot of the same things that you read already, but I know there are those of you that didn’t want to actually read all of this so you just skimmed it. So here you guys go:



If you are interested in getting the product then click here.

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